Manga Tracker

This is a site dedicated to tracking manga across multiple aggregate sites.

What the site is built on

The site is built using: PHP7.2, MySQL5.7 and CodeIgniter 3. Behind the scenes we also use: TravisCI, ScrutinizerCI, Composer.
A more complete list can be found in our humans.txt, or by having a look at our composer.json.

Special Thanks

AllMangasReader, for the initial idea, as well as the base of topbar & site-specific code.
Novel Updates, for improving on the idea of a server-side tracker (and actually doing it well!). Also for the tracker look/design.

Support the Project

Want to support the site? Stop. Go support the actual manga industry instead!
Honestly though, if you really want to support us in a monetary way, you can use sign-up to DigitalOcean using our referral link, and we get $25 credit after you spend $25. Only do this if you're actually going to use it though, would rather the cash went to the industry.
If you want to support us in a non-monetary way however, spreading the word about the site is always a nice help.
Starring the project on Github, or giving me a follow on Twitter is also appreciated.


If you need contact me for whatever reason, send me an email at [email protected] or DM me on twitter at @DakuTree.